Our mission

  • To build mutual trust based on professionalism,experience and control each stage of investment activity;
  • To bring the construction-investment project to successful completion and offer our customers complex services; 
  • To reduce the investment costs  and set the same time quality indicators; 
  • To achieve optimization of business and run a full volume of investment intentions in agreed period; 

Our principles

  • We ensure strict compliance of technological Standards ethical and moral  Norms in business relations in each stage of communication; 
  • Transparency of whole investment process; 
  • We apply flexibility by solving problems ,take accurate decisions and proffessional in critical situation; 
  • We are working with Quality without compromises,encourage unconventional and innovative design approach and always to protect interests of investors; 
  • Precision in execution –we build a complete solution and arrive at the expected effect with planned funds; 

Our experience for 5 years – 200 000 sq.meter GFA/built up-area/ 

  • Residential buildings  with underground garages-House 1,House 2-Solun Street,Krasno selo Region-Sofia.Designed by the company; 
  • Hotel-G.Ganchev Street,1 Sliven town.Designed by the company; 
  • Avtokomplex an outdoor parking 5 ha-Ravda village.Designed by the company;
  • MALL’’CCS”Arsenalski Street,2 Sofia GFA 43 830 sq.meter built and shelter operation for 16 months-Project management;
  • SHOWROOM”MASERATI”by City Centre Sofia; 
  • Auto services “Bulvaria” and “Maserati”.Designed by company.Project management; 
  • Residential building with offices in Sofia-Krasno selo District-GFA 2200 sq.meter.Designed by company; 
  • Resort in Sunny beach-GFA 11166 sq.meter.Designed by company.Project management; 
  • Office building,showrooms,sevice and underground garage of “Auto union”AD-GFA 26 716 sq.meter.Designed by company.Project management; 
  • Showroom,avtoservice,office building and power substation of “Industrialcomers”Ltd,GFA 53 000 sq.meter.Project management; 
  • Shopping center-business building-GFA 48 000 sq.meter of “MNI”Ltd.Project management;